It’s New Years and I Haven’t A Thing to Wear!

Okay, truth be told, I plan on remaining comfortably in my old velvety camo sweat pants and my U of M sweatshirt until the ball drops.  I hear the Times Square New Year’s ball is supposed to be more shiny and glittery than ever this year because it’s the anniversary.  What anniversary I can’t remember, but it is one…and I think we all know that I like shiny glittery things, so I’ll do my best to stay up and watch it.  That’s asking a lot since last night was my second night out in a row and this one involved Jesse O., Angie and Tom…my old-school bullseye crew, so you can safely (and correctly) assume that I didn’t feel 100 puhcent today.  Ouch.  For some reason, approximately once a year I need to be reminded that numerous cocktails and staying up until 1 in the a.m. does not in any way shape or form jive well with taking care of a toddler.  A very busy toddler.  A very busy, very active, very loud toddler.  Double ouch.  I included some pics of the party for your viewing pleasure.  These are once we left the bar to return to the Jones bar (our basement). Photobucket


The plus side?  I’ll be one of the few folks who feels good tomorrow.

D.Jones and I never have been big on going out for New Years.  Some year I’d like to do one of the really swanky formal parties that are thrown around town, but other than that, I don’t really have any inkling to go stand around in a too-crowded bar with people who are too drunk and places that are too loud.  I know, I sound old as dirt, but that’s just the way it is.  I prefer to stay home on my couch with a fire in the fireplace and some good old New Year’s Eve television. 

I remember years at my parent’s house when I was little and my Mom would send me out to the front patio when midnight struck with a metal saucepan and a wooden spoon and I would bang on the pot with all of my might to celebrate….I’m sure our neighbors loved it.

 I won’t be doing that, either. 

However you choose to celebrate tonight, know that the Jones household wishes you and yours an absolutely fabulous New Year’s and much joy for 2008.  Cheers!


My Girls

Last night I met “my girls” out at a fairly new wine bar….one I hadn’t been to before.  I’ve written before about this group of girls…they are more “family” than “friends” and I can tell you that they nourish me.  Just being with them is food for my soul.  They are as comfortable to me as my ASU sweatshirt that I’ve worn for about 8 years now.  

We decided to order some appetizers for the table, and a bottle of bubbly to share, and we just hung out.  No revelations, no drama, just the sharing of space and stories and most importantly, time with each other.

A few of these girls I’ve known since Jr. High, a few since high school…either way, it’s been a l-o-n-g time….time when most friendships deteriorate and folks move on.  Not us, though. Through college and starting families, job changes and sometimes even fights, we’ve been through it all. 

Driving home last night I was struck by the magnitude of it all…these friendships that I cherish so dearly and how truly lucky I am.  I felt happy and excited and yet calm.  I know that no matter what life throws at me, no matter where life takes us all, no matter how infrequently we can actually sit down and share the same space, these girls will be in my life.  Whether through a phone call or in person, I can count on them….every one of them. 

Cheers to “my girls”!  As this holiday season draws to a close, I look forward to 2008 being yet another year to add to this long calendar of friendship and that is one of the best gifts of all….


Well, It Was an Attempt

Buddha has been working on counting and is doing great.  He counts to three most of the time, and occasionally can make it to four, but not often.  I tried so hard to get it on video this morning, but it was hard to pin down the wild child.  After numerous attempts, I figured this was good enough.

My apologies for the filming.  I learned a lesson this a.m.  Do not switch from horizontal to vertical filming and then back again.  It cannot be fixed with a “simple edit.”  My apologies.  Hopefully it doesn’t cause you to reach for the dramamine.

The World Has Been Made Right Again

at least for little Buddha boy today.  Grammie to the rescue!  She searched high, she searched low.  Her search included the Southdale Mall, the Mall of America, and finally, the Galleria of Edina, where low and behold, she found a very close “twin” to the lost Gaga Blankie!  She quickly made the purchase and drove it to our house in rush hour, and got to witness one of the happiest (non-napping) boys on the face of the earth! 

 To backtrack for a quick second…I did not know she had found the holy grail (aka: gaga) and had just called D.Jones at work to ask if we could come pick him up.  I was hoping a ride in the car would do Buddha and Mommy some good since we had such a rough afternoon.  Shortly after I hung up the phone and was getting Buddha all zipped up in his puffer jacket, Lola started baking wildly.  I assumed post-lady had arrived.  To my surprise, my Mom had arrived, wih Gaga in hand…

 When she walked in the door and held out Gaga, Buddha ran to her, snatched the Gaga and began kissing him immediately.  He then held him up over his head and yelled “Gaga been doing!?”  like Gaga had just taken a little trip for the afternoon.  Perhaps to a local Gaga spa?  After a few screamed “Grammie brought Gaga!!”  he seemed to regain his composure, so I loaded him in the car to go pick up D.Jones.

 Not 5 blocks into the ride, he fell fast asleep in the backseat, clutching tthe new Gaga to his cheek…which is exactly what he was still doing once we made it downtown in rush hour and Daddy joined us. 

Ahhh…a happy ending to a very stress-filled day in the life of a toddler (and Mommy).

Sweet dreams can now be had by all….

Trauma At The House O’ Jones

This is serious business, folks.  The inevitable finally occurred.  I knew this day would come, and yet, I kept convincing myself that perhaps with diligence it could be avoided.  Alas, my hopes were in vain.

This morning Buddha and I had to run some errands even though we’re both suffering with horrible head colds.  DH’s big holiday work soiree is tomorrow night and there’s no getting out of it, so I needed some new shoes (of course!) and an appropriate holiday party blouse.  (I hate the word blouse by the way.  Why does it feel like I’m 86 when I use that word?  But shirt didn’t seem appropos since it’s on the dressier side…c’est la vie….perhaps it’s just too much Nyquil muddling my brain).

Anyhoo….after errands, errands, and some more errands, I was finally loading Buddha into the Jeep at the mall when , I noticed “Gaga blankie” was not with us.  Everyone remember Gaga?  It’s been with Buddha since birth…he’s made sure of it.  He does not nap, eat, cry or poop without Gaga clutched in his hot little hand….and all of a sudden…NO GAGA!!  I tried not to say anything, but it was like he could read my mind.  His little face got all scrunched up, the brow became furrowed, and then he uttered the words I have dreaded for 20 months…with hands up in question he quietly said “Gaga blankie go?”  OMG.  I can’t tell you how my heart was pounding.  What do I say, What do I say, What do I say???  Not knowing what to do…I ignore him.

The problem is this…Gaga was a gift.  From whom, I don’t remember.  From where is a distant memory.  I’m sure it said on the adorable packaging it came with, but hey, that was 20 l-o-n-g months ago.  With Buddha asking again from the backseat, I flip out my cell and call my Mommy!  She tells me that we must replace Gaga, and I explain that I don’t know where he came from….but that I did remember someone once telling me they thought they saw them at Pottery Barn kids.  My mom was enroute to the Mall of America and said she’d look there.  I mean, if anywhere on earth has another Gaga, it would be MOA right?  Right!??

Well, I’m hoping. 

Buddha is in fact down for his nap right now, but he did cry for Gaga.  Being sick, he didn’t have that much gumption left in him, but the wailing for “Gaga blankie!!” coming from his bedroom was enough to break even the Grinch’s heart (before he sees the light, that is). 

Hopefully I get good news from my Mom at MOA.  I can picture her sweeping through the entire Mall in search of a new Gaga blankie and I’m certain she’s doing it right now.  Go Grammie…please bring good news!

Just in case, consider this an “All Gaga Bulletin”.  If you have seen a green, friendly little Gaga blankie (pictured here on hhis head, but probably much cleaner) somewhere….anywhere, I beg of you to drop me a note and let me know where!   In the meantime, may the force be with me.  I’ve got a long, Gaga-free day ahead of me….Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I Crack Myself Up

(usually at my poor husband’s expense).

Phone call from D.Jones today…

 Me:  Hello?

D.Jones:  Hey, I need your social security number.

Me:  What for?

D.Jones:  I’m homesteading our property.

Me:  You’re supposed to do that within like a week of buying a house!

D.Jones:  (talking to someone in the background) I’ve got a year, right?  (then to me)  Yeah, it’s a year so we’re fine.

Me:  Are you at a bank?

D.Jones:  No, I’m at the city office, so I can’t talk, can you just give me your social?

Me:  Oh, okay…it’s 474…  Wait!  Who is this!?

It’s That Time O’ Year

Poor little Buddha and I are both sick with some nasty cold and cough.  I’m hoping that means we’ll all be healthy over the holidays?  One can hope, right? 

Anyway, I was determined to have us both stay inside today, out of the snow and cold, and just recover….but then I realized we’re out of coffee.  And milk.  And juice.  Bummer!  Off we go….  (is it bad that I noticed the coffee first!?)

We did get some fun news last night, though…Papa J. got a sweet new ride!  In order not to ruin his fun by spilling the beans before he gets to tell people in person, I cannot and will not disclose any more than that.  Suffice to say, it is truly sweet!  Way to go, Papa!