Sunday Morning Outings

Last night was my sister’s 49th birthday party out at one of her favorite bar/restaurants.  It was so much fun to be with my brothers, my sister, my sister-in-laws and my parents that I stayed far longer than I anticipated.  Doug was kind enough to bring Cooper home for bedtime so I could stay and socialize.  It was a blast, Dawn….Happy Birthday and thanks for inviting me to your fantastic party!

At the party, my Mom asked if Cooper, Doug and I would be interested in hitting the St. Paul Winter Carnival this morning to check out the ice carvings.   To start from the beginning, for as long as is humanly possible to remember, the city of St. Paul has celebrated a winter carnival in the coldest month of the winter here in MN.  The whole thing brings about 350,000 visitors to the downtown area of St. Paul and generates up to 5 million dollars worth of revenue for the city.   There is this lengthy legend to the carnival which has to do with (and this is a very general recap), King Boreas, the King of winter, ordering a celebration of winter for ten days, and a guy named Vulcanus Rex, the god of fire, who attempts to end the winter carnival by bringing on warmer weather and the summer season.   So, the St. Paul winter carnival includes a daytime parade, and a week later, a nighttime “torchlight parade” brought on by Vulcanus Rex.  There are many Vulcans who run through the streets of St. Paul with fire torches and (they used to kiss parade goers, but are no longer allowed to do so) so they smear soot on your face to bring you over to their side, and welcome summer months.  FYI – you don’t need to smear soot on this girl’s face to force her to welcome summer months….kay?

Anyway…to get back to our Sunday.  Part of the celebration includes various folks getting huge ice cubes delivered to the center of downtown St. Paul, where they laboriously carve them into the most intricate, beautiful sculptures you’ve ever seen.  This year’s sculptures included Dumbo and Mickey Mouse, a mother holding a babe above her head, some ice skaters/dancers in mid twirl, some eagles in flight and many, many more.  It was fun…and very crowded, because this was also the first weekend above about minus twenty degrees that we’ve seen in weeks. 

Cooper was just excited to be there with his Grammie & Papa, and his cousins.  He had a blast for the first part of the day, but then grew weary and cold…like the rest of us. 

Here are some fun pics from the morning….

Here are the three of us sitting on King Boreas’s throne. Yep. It’s ice. My a$$ may never recover.

Here’s Coops walking with two of his favorite girls…

A group of us mauling Peppermint Patty…. (did I mention that Charles Schultz was from St. Paul, so there are Peanuts characters everywhere!?!)

and last…all the girls (and Coops) in front of the Landmark Center and some pretty ice carvings…

 It was a fantastic Sunday morning, but I must admit…I’m happy to be back to the warmth of my home.  Now where are my fuzzy slippers!?


Crazy Cooperisms

Cooper has been coming up with the best stuff lately.  It is so amazing to watch him learn and grow.  He’s been incredibly verbal since a young age, but all of a sudden, that’s an understatement.  From the time Doug wanted in the door last night to the time we put him to bed, I don’t think he stopped talking.  Some of it was coherant and clear, some of it not so much, but he never stopped.  Not for a second. 

Some of the more amusing things witnessed in the past few days?

Well, I walked in to the living room yesterday afternoon to find this:

A very involved, very serious conversation going on.  I’m not sure what all was said, but I know it involved Lola, some cheerios, and the Wiggles.  When I asked who he was speaking to, he held the phone away from his face and very matter-of-factly said “Dada”, and then resumed his chatting.  Not ten minutes later as I was getting some shoes on in the bedroom to go pick up Doug from work, he runs into the bedroom yelling something indiscernable.  (to preface this, he just got the book “Ten Apples Up On Top”, where numerous animals balance apples on their heads).  I turn to see what he’s saying and I see this:

I burst out laughing and say “What are you doing?” as he points to his head and says “One gaga, up on top!”  Nice.  Clearly he gets the meaning of the new book, huh?

Then we get in the car to go pick up Doug and Coops sneezes in the backseat.  I say “Bless you, Cooper” and he replies, “No, bless you, Mommy.”

The humor began again early this morning as I stumbled to Coop’s room for the usual morning routine.  As I put him on the changing table it must have occurred to him that perhaps I don’t always remember what to do, so he reminds me with a “Change Coopie’s diapie, Mommy.”  I say “Yep…I’m getting to that” to which he replies “Oh good.  Thank you Mommy.”  Wow…not the usual kicking and screaming response I get first thing in the morning.  I am smiling as I change the diapie, and then I go to set him on the floor as he claps his hands wildly and yells “Oh, good job, Mommy!”

 Not a bad way to start the morning, right? 

Things That Make Me Laugh…

1. Getting my nicknames for “the boy” thrown back at me.  Today, leaving the mall, Cooper looks at me and says “c’mere, diapie butt!”  OMG!  Tell me that wasn’t embarrassing and hilarious at the same time!

2.  Having one of D.Jones’ buddies come upstairs today during their afternoon poker game to get a glass of water and having Cooper run to the kitchen door, point at him like he’s an intruder and say “Mommy…..guy doin’!?”  Poor poker guy (name unknown) replies to him with a “hi buddy…just getting a glass of water.”  To which Cooper turns to me again and says “Um…buddy dooo-in’!?!”  Clearly thinking he was overstepping his boundaries.

3.  Cooper from the backseat “Mommy….fishies!”  (he wants goldfish crackers, but I don’t have any, so I ignore him).  Again…”mommy…fishies!”  Still not getting a response, he yells “Hey Kristin!”

4.  D.Jones calling me from work today just to prank me by  singing the Wiggle’s Mop-Mop song.  Can you tell we’re parents now?  (this one perhaps made me laugh out of concern for Doug’s mental well-being…but it made me laugh nonetheless). 

A Day In The Life

Note to self…Martin Luther King Jr. Day = BUSY malls!  D.Jones is hosting a poker game at our house today for all the other financial guys-slash-poker addicts who are off because the market is closed.  I thought I’d spend a relaxing day at the mall.  My plan was to let Cooper enjoy the play area in the middle of the mall, then have a quiet trip to Barnes & Noble…just mommy and son….to look at books, sit in a corner and read, and just enjoy our day.

The reality never ends up being the same as the vision, does it?  In actuality, we had to park forever far away, which I told myself was all Target shoppers (it wasn’t), fight our way into the mall in subzero temps (did I mention it was THREE degrees this a.m. in Minneapolis!?) and then continue to fight our way through the mall crowd.    The play area was far too crazy to even brave so we skipped that altogether.  Seriously!  It was like the week before Christmas in that joint…but without the pretty decor!

I was a smart mom, though, and brought a gigantic bag of goldfish crackers (aka: toddler crack because he seriously can’t get enough of those things) and they allowed me to sit in a comfy armchair and sip a Starbucks latte.  For about 5 minutes.  Which is a really, really, really long time in toddler minutes. 

We did go to Barnes & Noble, but upon entering, Cooper found that they had a low, kid-friendly table set up with a whole Thomas the Train town set up.  He got very serious about his train-time and would have stayed there until 2010, but there were so many other kids there that he ended up getting a little frustrated.  There was only one Thomas engine and the rest were just freight cars and it seemed that every time he got his sweet, pudgy little fingers on Thomas, some bigger kid would snatch it from him.  The bigger kid mostly being a blond little cutie named Sophia.  Yep…Cooper got his first taste of a bossy, strong-willed little lady.  At one point, she really put the smackdown to him and actually knocked him down.  He looked a little flabbergasted at this, but never made a peep about it.  I was trying so hard not to snicker at him…

We did score a little book that is in the shape of a fire truck with real wheels on the bottom.  We were stuck in horrible traffic on the way home and he “read” his fire truck book the entire way home!  Hey Uncle Tom…looks like there might be another fireman in the fam!

It’s quiet nap time now, so I’m going to use this time wisely to do absolutely nothing.  D.Jones is occupied downstairs in the middle of the poker game, sammies just got delivered from the sandwich shoppe up the street so I’m sure they’ll be down there for awhile, and I’ve got a quiet upstairs all to myself.  Even though the morning was a little more hectic than I imagined, my afternoon is shaping up quite nicely…..

Sorry Adam!

It’s been called to my attention that I have been beyond negligent about posting lately.  It’s true!  My apologies.  Seems like the days just get away from me and I think I’ve taken on too many volunteer things and far too many play groups with Cooper.  I am getting pushed to my limits as to how many more times per week I can smile and nod and act interested when some other parent tells me about their child’s potty habits and sleep schedules.  Someone quick!  Call me with a fabricated emergency that will last all week this week so I have a good reason to not endure it for another moment! 

In other news…the following video should help illustrate why it takes me an incredibly long amount of time to get anything done.  I’m usually too busy laughing at my crazy child.  Oh my God.  I’m one of them, aren’t I?  Yep.  I will admit to my one-sidedness on this and the fact that I expect everyone will be interested in my child, right? 

Here it is…

Take Me Out To The Ballpark…

Cooper and I are in the house for the long haul today with both of us having come down with a touch of some sort of stomach flu.  Not cool.  Thanks to Uncle Ken, Auntie Sue and cousin K.C., though, I found a new item to help pass the time. 

Coops is all about his new, handed-down baseball glove from K.C.  Here’s kinda how it went…

“Kay Coops…put your hand in the back and put your fingers into it…”

Wait…nope…not quite like that…

There it is…you got it!!

Right on, Coops!!  We’re ready for some Twins games!!