So, this is a couple of weeks old now, but with birthday festivities in full planning mode, and then a riot of a birthday weekend, I forgot to post it. I just have to show off, though, because Buddha often works on his letters and colors downstairs with Daddy, and a couple of weeks ago when he said he wanted to “do letters”, and he and I went downstairs, I was blown away by how well he’s doing.  (disregard my really poor mommy skills, as I realize I blow him off when he says “pink” instead of purple…clearly he’s smart despite his mom!) 


Birthday Weekend….coming to a close

Our house was full on Saturday with family and friends…some who drove as far as 7 hours to be here to share Cooper’s special day.  He had a blast!  He got so much stuff that our house is absolutely full.  I thought it would be overwhelming for him, but he patiently opened them one by one, and then went back to playing with cousins and friends.  He got a new tricycle which we already used for a trip to the coffee shop this a.m., he got a Thomas the Train set, which is now taking up our entire living room coffee table, a froggy backpack which is the softest thing on earth, a fire engine, WordWorld word flash cards, a basketball hoop and ball, bunches of books, a Yurtle the Turtle stuffed animal that is too cute, a guitar, a Radio Flyer scooter, some puzzles, number flashcards, a game (Cariboo), and more stuff than I can list here.  Time to hide some in closets and dish ’em out slowly on those “bored’ afternoons, right?

But most importantly, it was a time of reflection as well as looking forward.  Two years ago this weekend I was recovering from my emergency C-section.  I was scared to bring this baby home, realizing I had no idea what I was getting in to.  I remember saying to Doug “why are they letting us take him home!?  Don’t they know I have no idea what I’m doing!?”

Thing is, I still don’t, but with time came the confidence to know that whatever is thrown at me, I can handle.  Not only can I handle it, but I’m good at it.  I’m still terrified when I see him take a hard tumble.  I still lose sleep if I hear him coughing at night.  I still sneak in to make sure he’s okay if he sleeps a little “too long” in the morning.  I bet none of these things will stop anytime soon, either, and that’s okay by me.

My days are a blur of amazement, wonder, frustration, repetition, and love.  Mostly love. 

So, to you, Buddha…on your birthday weekend this is what I want to say to you.

I love you, Buddsie.  My heart truly overflows with love for you.  I love when you repetitively say “how you doin’, Mommy?” no matter how many times I respond.  I love how you look at me, and, when you want to be hugged and need a little love, how you say “I hold you, Mommy…I hold you.”  It makes me melt every time.  I love how you say “hi” to everyone we pass, and already know how to stick out your hand for a proper handshake.  I love your endless love for your grandparents.  I love how you tell people your name is Buddha, and that when I correct you and say “no, baby, your name is Cooper”, you giggle with silliness and say “No! My name Buddha!”  It cracks me up.  I love that you crack yourself up by saying “Whatchu talkin’ about Willis!?” and you have no idea why.  I love that you are mostly fearless, but when something makes you hesitate, you look to me and stare right at my face to gauge my reaction first before you proceed.  I love that you can sing every verse of the Wheels on the Bus, but will only do it if I sing with you.  I love that when you want to talk on the phone and someone asks you what you are doing, your response is always “hanging out with mommy”. 
So many days, Buddha, I want to push the pause button.  I want to spend these kinds of days with you for a very long time to come, but then again, I’m happy with how things are proceeding.  I am the luckiest girl on earth to have the best seat in the house, front row center, to watch you continue to turn into the amazing, funny, witty, intelligent, caring young person that you are.  It’s only been 2 years, Buddha, but they’ve been a wild ride, and I’m so glad I’m on it with you.  Love, Mommy


A Small Hiatus?

Wow!  So, I got a note on here from Ann (hi Ann!), and when I got the notification in my Yahoo inbox, I realized I have again been neglecting our blog!  I have no excuse really and only have a free minute because otherwise Cooper is going to go all Tazmanian Devil on me because he’s been waiting patiently (somewhat) to go for a car ride.  Little does he know, we’re just going to Home Depot, but hey….the world is his playground, right?

Anyway, here’s my 30-second update:

-Cooper’s 2nd birthday is Saturday and I am crazy with planning and cleaning.  Or, more like cleaning and cleaning.

-Easter was good times had by all.  Coops didn’t quite get the whole idea of it just yet, but had a blast playing with his cousins and opening plastic Easter eggs.  He’s not a fan of the Peeps, though.  I am sad to admit that I am.

-We had bonded fantastically with those we met in our winter ECFE group (parent/child class), and have been planning playdates outside of the regularly scheduled dates…which have now ended.  D.Jones got to go to a recent playdate and meet some of the folks I talk about and we had a great time.  All of the families pretty much live in our neighborhood so it is awesome.  We are looking forward to some outdoor gatherings as soon as the snow melts.

-I am planning a nursing home visit for my confirmation group, which will take place next Sunday.  One of my best friends (Nan) is an activities director for an assisted living community so we are going for Bingo nite and a chance to meet some residents.  I’m looking forward to it…as are my girls.  Or at least that’s what they tell me.

-Darby has moved on.  She got “adopted” by a woman who has since decided she will just foster her until a better residence comes along.  I really don’t know any details other than that, but she really was a lovely dog.  Just not for us.  It was waaaay more challenging than I imagined with a toddler in the home and no fenced in yard.  I do not miss the 5 a.m. walks.  Seriously.

-I am no longer freelancing for Lavender magazine.  Ask me about it sometime in person if you want an ear full.  Suffice to say, I don’t miss that, either.

-D.Jones and I are planning on hitting Vegas in a few short weeks.  It will be my first time away from Coops when I’M the one who actually leaves.  I am nervous, but am looking forward to being a “big girl” for a few days.  And no…that’s in no way referring to any outlandish “stays in Vegas” activities…..just a break in the Mommy routine.

Okay…I’ve run out of time because Cooper just wandered into the office with a shirt and said “get dressed, Mommy!”  He’s pretty subtle, my boy…

Darby’s Stay at the Jones residence extended….

A semi-retired couple who just lost their German Shepherd after 14 years came to meet Darby this evening.  They brought with them, their 5 year old twin grandsons who live next door to them.

Okay…here’s where the sitcom that is my life begins…

I was out walking Darbs because she “goes” at the same time every night.  I spot them across the street looking at addresses, and I know it’s them because I see the boys’ matching jackets.  (they told me they were bringing little ones to see how Darby would be around them).

I wave at them and they begin to cross the street.  As they meet up with Darby and I, she lunges at the guy, getting muddy paws on his jacket and almost knocking him down.  I would have controlled her better, but I haven’t seen her do that little number yet.

Then she licks one of the boys faces, which terrifies him and he starts crying.  Off to a good start, right?

The woman asks if she can walk her a bit, and when she tries to, Darby just keeps jumping toward me…her new mommy.  Great.

The woman says “boy…she only likes you already.” 

I tell them we should bring her inside so that they can see her in a more calm state.  I mean, I am talking about the dog who happily wagged her tail when my parents walked in today, and then flopped at my Dad’s feet. 

No dice.

We all walk in and she jumps around wildly, almost knocking over a bookshelf, and the proceeds to pee on the floor.  No kidding.

They hightailed it outta here faster than we could clean up the pee.

I guess she’ll be here a little longer…



Today we get our new temporary addition to the family.  Doug and I decided to move forward with  our my hope to work with Midwest Animal Rescue to foster dogs who are in shelters, have been abused, or worse yet…are in kill facilities who will only hold them for 7 days before they kill them.

We get our first girl today.  A beautiful Shepherd mix named Cleo.  We don’t know anything about her history except that she has the sweetest temperament on earth (important because of Coops, and also because we’ve got a 5lb Yorkie here…oh, and an old grumpy cat).  Apparently she got hissed at by a cat in the facility she’s at, and she ran and hid.  Poor thing.

Anyway, Cleo will arrive later this afternoon.  I’ll post pics if things aren’t too crazy around here.  I can’t wait to meet her!

More to come….

A Friend As Sweet As A Cookie

Today I was slightly mourning the lack of adult company that I have as a stay at home mom.  Probably because my weekend in a toddler-free zone involved reconnecting with some friends and I’m just segueing back into the reality of my “regular” life. 

Whatever it was, it had me being a little mopey today.  Until, that is, I saw our postal carrier run back up the steps after dropping off the mail and toss a package on my front steps.  Hmm…intriguing!

Inside were these gorgeous cookies…Photobucket

with our names on them even, and a sweet note from my friend Cat who is currently living in Hong Kong.  She and I met online probably almost a year ago and since then we communicate through the website where we met, and also through IM.  In a little over a month,  I will get the chance to thank her in person when we meet in Vegas and I can’t wait!

So, anyone who says that friends made online aren’t the same as friends in real life clearly hasn’t met someone like Cathy.  I’m glad I did….and not just because of the cookies.  She’s one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I’ve ever met…and clearly sneaky too, because the only way she could have gotten my address is because I asked her to edit my resume’ for me.  Either that, or from the thank you I sent her for doing it. 

A huge thank-you to my “real life” friend that I call “WC”.  She not only made me smile at the end of a long day, but her thoughtfulness truly touched me.


Oh, and D.Jones and Coops say thanks too!