So, I did a crazy thing last weekend. I’ve been a part of an online “mommy group” for a little over a year now. I write random journals, kinda like this one, I get advice from fellow moms, I offer advice to other moms, though my own knowledge is limited, so that’s more rare.  Anyway, I ended up bonding with some of the ladies I met there and we began communicating via webcam, and even cell phone. 

Last summer someone got the crazy idea that we should all meet in Vegas and hang out together in person.  Now, you’re not talking about neighbors here, flying off on a trip together.  We’re talking one person flying in from Hong Kong, one from Australia, a few from California, myself from Minnesota, one from Virginia, one from Texas, one from St. Louis…you get the picture.  9 of us in total.  Like I said….crazy.

Well, we actually went through with it.  I was a little nervous on the flight, (yeah, more so than usual), because I didn’t know what was going to happen.  I’d spoken to 3 of them on the phone, so I did hear their voices and I knew that at least those 3 girls were not actually 82 year old men lookin’ for love.  But other than that…I truly knew very little about them.

I had a feeling I’d like them all.  It seemed we had a lot in common.  A lot more than being moms, that is.  I was right.  These ladies were amazing.  We had an absolute blast hanging out in Vegas and it was so comfortable.  That’s what struck me.   There were never awkward silences.  There were no real arguments.  There was none of those “what should we do now?” discussions.  We just had a riot. 

I flew off on what I thought might be a fun weekend away from the day-to-day routine of being a stay-at-home mom, and I came home with some friendships solidified that will (hopefully) last a lifetime.  I won’t be able to see many of my friends very often, but I’ll think of them frequently and we’ll just go back to text messages, calls, and YIM until we meet again…

Here are a few pics from our weekend:

Dinner our first nite at a place called Battistas. This lovely gentleman was not a part of the group, but did tell me that he knew where I could find some “Italian happiness”.   It all had to do with that fine accordian playing he was doing there….


Clearly we were comfortable together, because here I am trying to force feed Cristina an olive….

Here is the lovely Linda…queen of the slot machines. (she was the only winner in the group)
Cristina, Amanda and myself…Day 2.

 Jess, me, and Amanda…dinner at Nobu. 

And last….me and Cathy saying goodbye on my last night. 

There were tears shed at goodbye, believe me…but many promises to meet again soon.  Like…next year, this time in Key West.  Look out, Florida!


Not For You, Lola

Here’s Buddha telling our Yorkie, Lola, that she’s definitely not getting any of his Cocoa Bumpers.  Perhaps “sharing” still needs a little work at the House O’ Jones.