We Adopted!

You may remember that D.Jones and I had been fostering for a local animal rescue.  We first had a beauty of a German Shepherd, but she was only with us a few weeks.  Next, we fostered a lovely but very scared dog named Betty Boop.  I couldn’t bring myself to call her that, so we’ve shortened her name to “Betsy”. 

She is skittish, but has a sweet-as-pie temperament.  After a few days with her, I knew I just couldn’t let her go.  When I got a call that someone wanted to come meet her and possibly adopt her, I panicked. 

It didn’t take too much begging for D.Jones to agree to it, and we officially adopted her last Friday.  She’s making a fantastic addition to our family.  She gets along great with Lola…puts up with Cooper, and ignores Mica (the cat).  She sleeps quietly through the night next to my side of the bed, and when the boys aren’t around and she knows it’s safe, she follows me from room to room looking for affection.

Here she is…Photobucket

Welcome to the fam, Betsy!



Neglectful, to say the least

The past few weeks since I last wrote have been filled with work around the house, a little bit of time to enjoy the (finally!) nice weather, and more work around the house.  I began two projects of epic proportion, and they are keeping me quite busy.  If I tell you what they are, promse not to have me committed, okay? 

I decided I would paint the house.  The exterior of the house.  No big deal, right?  Ha.

D.Jones muttered a few times about how it was going to be a “really big project”, but being the stubborn Norwegian that I am, I blew him off.  Not like he’d know, right?  He only spent an entire summer doing just this kind of work…

I tried a couple of different times to paint while Cooper slept, but it just doesn’t work.  The setup for painting takes a good amount of time, and by the time I got a few swipes up, he’d be waking up.  One day I tried to paint while he played in the backyard.  The result was a new blue windbreaker now “decorated” with cream colored paint. 

However, not being one to want to waste a good sunny day, I decided I’d begin a tandem project that I could work on while Cooper naps.  I figured….I’ll just landscape the yard during my downtime. 

Holy rock hauling, woodchip bag hauling and weed pulling!  Again…a much bigger project than I anticipated. 

The good news is that both projects are coming along nicely.  Or not so nicely, perhaps…but they’re coming along.  I’ll post pics when they are done….or mostly done.  I’m not sure they’ll ever be done-done.

So, that’s what’s been partially keeping me from writing…not that it’s an excuse…but I’ll try to do better.  Oh, and I’ll be blogging daily about my cleanse here if you choose to come along for my painful and complaint-filled journey….


Poor Buddha has a cold.  A bad cold.  One that prompted me to dig out his old video baby monitor, turn the volume up, plug it in by my side of the bed, and stare at it frequently throughout the night to make sure he’s okay.

The kind of cold that has him tossing and turning all night, trying to breathe….while I toss and turn all night worrying about him.

This morning when he woke up he was coughing a lot.  Then I heard the sounds of what I immediately recognized as a toddler “coughing until I puke” episode.   I dragged my tired self to his room, listening to the sounds of his sad little voice saying “mommy???”  In my state, I didn’t see any evidence of the pukey-pukey, so I sighed a sigh of relief, lifted him from his crib, and began our morning rituals.

We got some juice and some milk and headed for the couch for some cartoon time, when I realized it was only 5:30 in the a.m. and there weren’t cartoons on yet…so we read some books.  Buddha was falling asleep next to me, so I brought him back to his crib for some more rest, when I felt something cold on my foot.  Yep.  I found the puke.  Ewwwww.  Now that’s a rough morning.