Wednesday Weirdness

Just some random tidbits from our week:

1.  The “Wednesday Weirdness” title refers to the fact that I decided to take Cooper to historic Fort Snelling yesterday to do some hiking along the river.  I’ve always wanted to be more into hiking and Coops has lots of energy to burn, so I figured he’d be the perfect hiking companion.  We drove over there, began our hike, and were not 200 yards into our “hiking morning” when this crazed wild turkey jumps from the weeds onto the middle of our trail and starts gobbling at us like crazy!  I freak out and step backwards, but try not to scare Cooper so I tell him it’s saying “hi”.  Yeah…until it lunges at us!!  Then I notce that there is a tiny wild turkey in it’s midst.  Ahhh…a mommy bird.  Not cool.  I tell him we have to go back the way we came.  As we turn to leave, she leaps back into the weeds where she came from, so I tell him “no…we CAN keep going after all.”  No such luck.  As we move forward, she reappears, all fluffed up and angrier than ever.  Good Lord!  So I call my Dad just to verify that we should not, in fact, bother this beast.  The conversation goes like this:

D:  Hello?

Me:  Dad…are wild turkeys mean?

D:  Well, if you’re talking about the wild turkey I keep in my cupboard…no.  That’s actually quite nice.

Me:  Weirdo.

He proceeds to tell me that I should not advance toward any wild animals that have babies with them.  So much for a day of hiking.  I did actually think to try to get a picture of the riled up bird, but in accordance with the rest of my morning, my camera battery went dead when I grabbed it from my bag.


2.  Many of you know that the road in front of our house is completely demolished by construction right now.  At no later than 7:15 in the a.m. this morning, the kind construction workers were banging on my front door telling me to move my car.  Nice.  Love that.


3.  And last…a mommy brag.  Cooper got 2 compliments from 2 different moms at the park yesterday (where we ended up since we couldn’t hike!) for being so incredibly polite.  Perhaps we’re doing something right?


Photo Challenge – Haiku

This week’s photo challenge comes from Jae who challenged us to take a picture of something (non-family related) and write a Haiku.  Okay…I may write a bit here and there, but not Haiku, so here’s the best I’ve got…

Ode to Joe

I love you sweet Joe

I start each day with your warmth

You are my sunshine

Mamma Mia!

Last night some of the girls in the fam got together for dinner and then a trip to the theater to see Mamma Mia!

First we met at an Irish pub.  Rather than write about our evening, I’ll use photos to walk you through the nite.

My niece Caitlin seems to be under the impression that you can take a good picture if you swing your head wildly from side to side.  I’m not sure what effect it’s supposed to have?  Perhaps a beautiful, wind in your hair model-type pose?  Anyway, we tried to give it a shot.  Or rather…she did.  Here’s round 1.  Caitlin…that is more scary than pretty.  Does swinging your head rapidly from side to side always produce that evil eye effect?  If so, I’ll pass.  At first I thought Jennifer was laughing, but then I realize she’s probably looking away so she is not the object of whatever hex Caitlin is about to put on someone with that Death Stare.

She insisted it really does work, so we went for Round 2, but still nada.

Here’s an exciting moment from dinner.  Here’s my sister being so bored by my conversation that she’s completely tuned me out and is instead staring intently at the television.  I think it was the CNN news ticker or something, but whatever it was, it was clearly more enticing than her loving sister’s story:

And here’s my mom, who doesn’t really drink, by the way, thinking that it’s necessary to repeatedly toast everything since we’re in an Irish pub.  Here she is yelling “Slainte!” for no apparent reason:

I also took a very cute picture of my sister-in-law Sue, and my niece Caitlin, but they seem to have disappeared from my camera….CAITLIN!  You’ll get yours, though, girl…you forget that I had my camera at the theater…..

After a yummy dinner, we headed over to the theater.  You may think that’s the end of the story…or maybe right now I’d tell you that the movie is good…really good…which it is.  Totally go see it!  If for nothing more than to se Pierce Brosnan sing ABBA songs or to ogle Colin Firth.  Wow.  Ahhh…but that’s another story.  Right now I have to post pictures of my family acting crazy.

They don’t really need captions, but I can’t help myself….

Here’s Caitlin trying to catch a ride on a monkey spaceship, but it seems that her mother and grandma can’t coordinate the “lift” motion.  Even the monkeys look concerned….

Or maybe the monkeys were just scared of the man eating shark that was approaching us!!  Ahhhh!!!  Run for your lives…they’ve got Sue and Caitlin!!

I’m happy to say that Caitlin was able to wrestle herself free from the man eating beast just in time to stop and help out this fine fellow.  He apparently had something in his nose.  Errr…um…is she kissing him?!  Caitlin!!

And well…what to even say about this next one?!  All I know is that I would never, ever, in a million years encourage one of my nieces to act like that.  Caitlin Marie!  Can’t take you anywhere, girl.  Good lord.  Or should I say….”Mamma Mia!!”

Sweetest Boy on Earth

Cooper has been a little handful this morning. 

I walked around Lake Calhoun this morning and he refused to sit in his seat…he was standing in the stroller and acting like he was going to leap from it at any moment….quite negatively impacting my stride since I had to keep stopping.

Then we went to a local fave, Gigis, for lunch, where he continually kicked our table, spilling my Arnie Palmer everywhere.  Then he put his feet on the table repetitively, just to hassle me, since as he would do it, he’d shoot me this sh*t eating grin at the same time.  Every time. 

I finally packed him up to head home and told him it was nap time, but as soon as we pulled into the driveway, he spotted his new cool Diego trike and wanted to play on his new “motorcycle”.  Fine.  I give in, but tell him he’s only got a few minutes.

After a half an hour, I tell  him it’s nap time.  He cries (real tears, which he almost never does) but still walks over to me and hugs me.  I carry him to the house where I feel his tears on my neck and, being the sucker that we’ve already established that I am, I offer him some chocolate bunny crackers as a treat.  I put them in a cup and tell him “when the bunnies are gone…it’s naptime.  No more delays.”  He looks at me through tear-stained face and says “okay mommy.”  I’m thinking “yeah, right.” 

I go to the office to check my email really quickly, and not 4 minutes later he arrives at the office, carrying his gaga blankie.  He says “I ate all the bunnies up, so now it’s time for naptime.”  Then he gives the little bottom lip stick out maneuver for effect….but adds “I already got gaga, too.” 

Then he grabs my hand and walks me to his bedroom where he hugs my leg and says “nite nite now, Mommy.” 

Can I just tell you that I truly melted on the spot.  I just wanted to squeeze him up and take a nap with him so I wouldn’t have to leave.  Tucking him in I couldn’t help but think he’s just the sweetest boy on earth.

A Photo Tour – Minneapolis Drive Bys Round II

Just for Linda & Dave…a Minnesotan who escaped to the West Coast…..

Dave – Linda requested a shot of downtown from another direction.  Ask and you shall receive.  (and when I get a ticket for doing all this craziness, I’m sending you two the tab). 

This one’s just for you, Dave~

Here’s one I shot of Orchestra Hall today trying to work my way through Aquatennial Torchlight parade traffic

And some trivia for Dave…can you name this establishment in downtown Minneapolis?

And last…the building where I spent 8 years of my pre-Cooper life.  Kinda looks like a prison doesn’t it?  Or an insane asylum….but I loved it.   Dave, do you know where this building is located?

Okay…enough with the pics and the trivia.  I think I do deserve some props though for the out-the-window fairly decent picture snapping.  Mind you, for the majority of these pictures I was driving on freeways.  That’s skillz.

**Disclaimer:  If you are a Minneapolis police officer who happened to find this blog…I’m kidding.  I would so never, ever, in a million years snap pictures while driving.  Ever.  I swear. **

2 Years of Buddha

Like Mark & Cathy, I’ve been organizing and re-organizing my ridiculous amount of photos saved on our compter, and for fun this morning I put this together.  Really makes you realize how much 2 years means when it’s the first 2 years.  Wow…

The Little Trolley that Couldn’t

Yesterday Cooper and I drove out to my hometown (sort of) of Wayzata, MN to ride the Wayzata trolley and hang out with Grammie. 

We got to the Wayzata Train Depot a little early, but the view was fantastic (Lake Minnetonka) and the gardens were a beautiful place for Cooper to run wild and tear stuff up tiptoe through the tulips.

After a half an hour, Coops heard the trolley coming and excitedly ran to where we would board….and then got enveloped in a cloud of black smoke.  Turns out the Wayzata trolley was having rough times and they had to shut ‘er down.

Not exactly what a 2 1/2 year old wants to hear at that moment.  So we took some posed pics anyway and bribed him with a trip to McDonald’s for a happy meal, a blue cupcake from Auntie Sue and a quick visit with his cousin Sarah.  Hey…whatever works, right?