State Fair Round II

Yesterday Coops and I hit the state fair again…this time with Grammie, Papa, Uncle Greg, Jack, Grace and Sarah (his cousins). The morning started off rough, as we were caught in a few torrential downpours. After the clouds began to part, we were ableto make our way to the cow barn where Coops & Grammie pet a few cows and one bull. (They didn’t realize it was a bull until he got a bit angry at being pet and they both jumped a mile!)

He also pet a pig, and then, surprise surprise, he insisted on returning to machinery hill to “drive diggers”.

Oh, I forgot that we hit the Midway area for awhile and Grammie won him a new dog at the skee ball horse races! He has named him Wags the Dog circa the Wiggles and hugged him the whole way home!

Here are just the girls:

Ooooh! Cows!

Checking out Alpacas with Papa: (on a side note…I love Alpacas. I think I might become a Llama and Alpaca farmer)

Here’s a traditional costume worn by a participant in a traditional Pow Wow that we stopped to watch:

And Coops playing the drums with the Native drummers:

Ahhh…finally back to the diggers! Here he is with cousin Jack:


Running Through Rose Gardens

Tonight D.Jones, Cooper and I visited the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens and Peace Garden. For as many years as I’ve lived in the Twin Cities, I have never gone, even though it’s free, it’s beautifully breathtaking, and it’s mere blocks from our current house.

Cooper spent an hour just running up and down long rows of award-winning roses. D.Jones spent a lot of time chasing him, and I wandered, taking it all in.

The pictures do it far better justice than I can, so here is our evening…in pictures:

Afterwards, we relaxed on the patio at our local restaurant, GiGi’s, where Coops enjoyed a peanut butter cookie bigger than his head, and we talked about what a fun day we’d had…now that’s a good Monday.

Nothing Sweeter

Of course I love my boy to pieces…and his energy level just cracks me up, but sometimes it seems as though his little body never stops moving! He might be all about trucks and throwing and kicking and running and 100% little boy craziness, but when I look at this…he’s still just my baby.

Morning Playdate

Coops and I were lucky enough to have met up with a wonderful group of parents and kids in last year’s ECFE class (Early Childhood & Family Education). We stay in touch with them, and although everyone gets so busy during the summer, once in awhile we still seem to be able to organize a play date.

This morning we all met at a local neighborhood park and the kids had a blast! They are finally moving out of the “parallel play” stage and they actually interact and share and have fun together. Cooper couldn’t wait to get there this morning and kept saying “let’s go, Mommy…I wanna play with my friends!” He even remembers their names, which is awesome.

Here’s Wells dropping a truck on my kid’s head and being the fabulous mother that I am, I’m just taking a picture of it…

Here’s Coops playing trucks with James:

And here’s my “where’s Waldo” picture of Cooper’s friend Bode. That’s Cooper & Wells actually playing on the equipment…but where’s Bode??

And last…I just had to snap a pic of the Lifeguard sign at the park. Notice anything??

Grammie Cookies – Part II

Perhaps you thought I might be exaggerating Cooper’s love of Grammie Cookies. Well, here is my proof. Look at this face when he’s told there’ll be no more Grammie Cookies before dinner…

The boy looks like he is putting a curse on me.

State Fair – Round One

It’s an annual thing for Cooper and I to go to the State Fair with Grammie, Papa, my niece Caitlin and my nephew K.C. We go during the week and get there right when the fair opens so that we are there before the crowds.

This year, D.Jones wanted to go with Cooper and I, and then we could show Cooper the big “Machinery Hill” where all the diggers and trucks are…so we braved it on a Saturday, which is just an insane thing to do…

Cooper had a great time though and I have “before” and “after” shots of him:



Now that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

But in between, he had fun checking out Machinery Hill….just as we anticipated. He kept looking around at all the trucks and just gasping in awe of it all. It was hilarious…

Here he is just taking it all in and deciding which ones to drive…

After that it was just one after another, after another…

D.Jones tried to take him through a little farm for kids where they don aprons, get to see what it’s like to milk a cow, pick corn, and some other “farm-type” activities, but he wasn’t having it. He was all about getting back to the diggers. He lasted about 1 1/2 minutes at the farm. He never even put an apron on.

We were able to distract him for a few minutes with a light saber and some mini donuts….

We did get him strapped into the stroller long enough to get through the Eco-House where we were able to check out some new hybrid cars, some eco-friendly garden ideas, and some other cool stuff. I talked D.Jones into getting these reusable shopping bags with me. All you had to do was agree to get photographed holding this white board that said “I promise to use my eco-friendly reusable shopping bags because_____________” and you had to write something in and get photographed, after you signed a release saying they can use your picture online. Doug was especially excited when I wrote in “otherwise my husband gets mad at me” and I drew in a big arrow pointing to him. Hey – everyone in line behind us thought it was funny! Poor D.Jones wasn’t as amused..and Cooper just kept saying “let’s go back to the diggers” the whole time.

So, that was about the extent of our Fair activities today in the whole four hours we were there! On Tuesday when we go back with Grammie & Papa I’ll try to get him through some of the animal barns. I’ll probably be forced to lie to him, though, and tell him the diggers aren’t there on Tuesdays. Otherwise it’ll just be me, Coops and good ol’ John Deere hanging out again, and to tell you the truth, John gets a little tiring after a few hours. He and I don’t really hit it off like he and Cooper do…