State Fair – Round One

It’s an annual thing for Cooper and I to go to the State Fair with Grammie, Papa, my niece Caitlin and my nephew K.C. We go during the week and get there right when the fair opens so that we are there before the crowds.

This year, D.Jones wanted to go with Cooper and I, and then we could show Cooper the big “Machinery Hill” where all the diggers and trucks are…so we braved it on a Saturday, which is just an insane thing to do…

Cooper had a great time though and I have “before” and “after” shots of him:



Now that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

But in between, he had fun checking out Machinery Hill….just as we anticipated. He kept looking around at all the trucks and just gasping in awe of it all. It was hilarious…

Here he is just taking it all in and deciding which ones to drive…

After that it was just one after another, after another…

D.Jones tried to take him through a little farm for kids where they don aprons, get to see what it’s like to milk a cow, pick corn, and some other “farm-type” activities, but he wasn’t having it. He was all about getting back to the diggers. He lasted about 1 1/2 minutes at the farm. He never even put an apron on.

We were able to distract him for a few minutes with a light saber and some mini donuts….

We did get him strapped into the stroller long enough to get through the Eco-House where we were able to check out some new hybrid cars, some eco-friendly garden ideas, and some other cool stuff. I talked D.Jones into getting these reusable shopping bags with me. All you had to do was agree to get photographed holding this white board that said “I promise to use my eco-friendly reusable shopping bags because_____________” and you had to write something in and get photographed, after you signed a release saying they can use your picture online. Doug was especially excited when I wrote in “otherwise my husband gets mad at me” and I drew in a big arrow pointing to him. Hey – everyone in line behind us thought it was funny! Poor D.Jones wasn’t as amused..and Cooper just kept saying “let’s go back to the diggers” the whole time.

So, that was about the extent of our Fair activities today in the whole four hours we were there! On Tuesday when we go back with Grammie & Papa I’ll try to get him through some of the animal barns. I’ll probably be forced to lie to him, though, and tell him the diggers aren’t there on Tuesdays. Otherwise it’ll just be me, Coops and good ol’ John Deere hanging out again, and to tell you the truth, John gets a little tiring after a few hours. He and I don’t really hit it off like he and Cooper do…


7 comments on “State Fair – Round One

  1. Jessica says:

    You are awfully brave woman to take a 2 year old to the State Fair on a Saturday amongst all the chaos! Coops sure looks like he had a great time, you really wore the little guy out!

    BTW, I have those reusable shopping bags, they are the best things EVER! They hold tons of groceries. I keep mine in the car, otherwise I forget to bring them to the store with me.

  2. Linda says:

    The before and after pics are priceless. Dave has raved about the State Fair and those mini donuts even. I have the reusable bags as well. Yeah, gotta keep them in the car…I found that out the first 10 trips to the store without them! Have a great time when you go on Tues. No John Deere on Tuesdays Coop.

  3. HomeSlice says:

    OMG kristin that state fair eco friendly sign thing made me pee. that is just too funny. can i PLEASE see a pic of that?!?!?! i also loved the before and after pic 🙂 our state fair is in september, and we’ll be going, even though mike hates every minute of it!

  4. Dawn says:

    That little guy is the greatest. I love the before and after pictures. It was like the perfect day for him.

  5. Kristine says:

    Cooper is sooo handsome! I love that he loves the diggers so much! We did the State Fair thing last year. My kids had never been. We thought it would be so fun. And it was for the first three hours or so. My boys are all about food and so of course we had sampling of about everything! Corn on the cob, fried clams, fried pepper rings and then the infamous Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs. The boys were so excited! We bought 2 (they are as big as your head) and we shared. After scarfing the puff, Jordan started to say he was not feeling well. We thought it was attributed to the heat, as it was about 100 degrees in the shade that day. We tried to find an indoor building to cool off in and you guessed it…Jordan started to throw up…and throw up…and throw up. IN the air conditioned building, on the sidewalk, in the bathroom on the floor and into several large garbage cans along the way. Which totally disgusted me…the garbage cans were FILTHY! HE was so miserable. We were trying to get out of there as fast as possible, of course the gate was at the other end of the grounds. And of course we did the park and ride so we had to stand in line for the shuttle bus (as he was throwing up into a plastic bag that some kind lady offered us) and he threw up the whole time on the shuttle as well. Needless to say, when we got home, I made him shower with disinfecting soap. He went right to bed. Now the mere mention of the State Fair makes our whole family wince a little! It will be a very long while before we darken those doors again! Even the mention of a creme puff makes my boy leave the room in a hurry! He will say, “please don’t say that word again.” Yes, creme puff is now a cuss word in our house!
    Tell Cooper to stick with the diggers!

  6. Kristine says:

    Oh yeah, we use the reusable shopping bags all of the time. Keep them in the car. They are awesome! And easy to carry!

  7. Alicia says:

    I’m surprised Cooper would go home after seeing the diggers; I figured he’d want to move into one of them.

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