State Fair Round II

Yesterday Coops and I hit the state fair again…this time with Grammie, Papa, Uncle Greg, Jack, Grace and Sarah (his cousins). The morning started off rough, as we were caught in a few torrential downpours. After the clouds began to part, we were ableto make our way to the cow barn where Coops & Grammie pet a few cows and one bull. (They didn’t realize it was a bull until he got a bit angry at being pet and they both jumped a mile!)

He also pet a pig, and then, surprise surprise, he insisted on returning to machinery hill to “drive diggers”.

Oh, I forgot that we hit the Midway area for awhile and Grammie won him a new dog at the skee ball horse races! He has named him Wags the Dog circa the Wiggles and hugged him the whole way home!

Here are just the girls:

Ooooh! Cows!

Checking out Alpacas with Papa: (on a side note…I love Alpacas. I think I might become a Llama and Alpaca farmer)

Here’s a traditional costume worn by a participant in a traditional Pow Wow that we stopped to watch:

And Coops playing the drums with the Native drummers:

Ahhh…finally back to the diggers! Here he is with cousin Jack:


8 comments on “State Fair Round II

  1. HomeSlice says:

    and good times were had by all!

    btw, is that a picture of a cow – or a cow BUTT???

  2. whatsupwiththejoneses says:

    Yes Homey…that would be a cow BUTT. LOL~

  3. whatsupwiththejoneses says:

    I just noticed that I said “traditional” twice in reference to both the pow wow costume and the pow wow. Maybe it was doubley traditional! Which reminds me that my brother pointed out that the emcee for the pow was ws incredibly redundant. Like…”next up is our fancy dance, because it’s fancy.” Maybe some of his issues wore off on me….

  4. Alicia says:

    They pet a bull? Holy crow (thought I was gonna say cow, didn’t ya?).

    The traditional costume is beautiful. Do you know what tribe?

    And the diggers. Oh, the diggers. Ellie saw the garbage truck (not a digger, I know) and freaked on me this morning. Ellie and Coop do not see eye to eye on noisy machinery.

  5. Linda says:

    Coops the ‘digger man.’ Love it. The ‘girls’ pic is very cute. Your Mom is so petite! I used to have a dream of becoming an Alpaca farmer too!
    Glad you had another fun day at the Fair!

  6. Dawn says:

    I can’t believe you’ve got a jacket on! The weather must be much cooler now there. I was sweating bullets yesterday here.

    This pictures are great. It does look like everyone had a great time. Did you eat some good greasy fair food? That’s my favorite part! đŸ™‚

  7. jae says:

    mmmmm… cooooow buuuuutt. Moo-licious! Get on mah plate!

  8. Sara says:

    Alpaca’s are what again? I get anxiety attacks at our state fair so glad you had a better time than I would have. Coops looks like he had a ball.

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