So Much for Make-Believe

This morning while I cooked Cooper’s favorite turkey bacon, he grabbed an empty paper grocery bag, and headed to his room.  When we met up in the dining room for breakfast, he was dragging the bag behind him and said “Mommy….I got a motorcycle.”  I peek in the bag, and sure enough, he’s got the motorcycle he got from Auntie Annette last Christmas in there.

I grab an opportunity to make up a new “game” and say “Ohhh…did you just buy that at the store?”  He looks at me like I’m crazy.  I continue.  “I mean, is that why it’s still in the bag?”

His response?  A slight look of concern coupled with annoyance and this:

“No Mommy, I just got it in my room.”

A Day Filled With Cooper

Early this morning I had to try to shuttle my unwilling child out of the door to get to our Jeep dealership on time for an early appointment.  Since I’m on a lease, I’m also required to do ridiculous amounts of “maintenance” at the dealership, and it’s been my experience that asking poor Coops to sit there for any extended period of time is just not a good thing.  Sometimes it just can’t be helped, though, so with 2 dump trucks, a red sports car, and a purple car in tow, we headed off.

Even though he was a reluctant passenger, really wanting to be at home watching Curious George instead, he was still unbelievably sweet while stuck in morning traffic.  He initiated this conversation:

C:  “Mommy, do you like me?”

Me:  “Of course, baby.  I love you.”

C:  “I love you too, Mommy.  And I love Daddy.”

Me:  “I love Daddy too.”

C:  “You do?  Then we all love each other.”

Me:  “Yep…we do.”

C:  “We all love each other because we’re a family.”

Sometimes this boy and his understanding of things just blows my mind.  I didn’t think this was a conversation I’d be having with him at 2 1/2, but I’ll take it.  He’s so sweet.  Sometimes.

Then we got to the dealership waiting room.  An 8×8 cell.  When we arrived, with Coops  now jacked up on Leggo waffles, there were 2 older gentlemen in the room and an unhappy looking 30-something guy.  Cooper immediately latched on to one of the older gentleman, quickly introducing himself by demanding “Hey, what’s your name?”  The guy replied “Don”, which to Coops was an invitation to show him all 4 of his vehicles in detail.  I was watching the guy for annoyance since I worry about being “that” mom, but he was having a ball.  After a few minutes he told me that he’s 78, has 4 kids of his own, and is sad that he didn’t find such joy in “little guys” when he was younger.  Awww…  Coops totally made his week.  They were playing when a 30-something woman arrived and got out a laptop.  Cooper walked over to her and said “hi”.  She smiled and returned the greeting, to which he said “what are you doing with that computer there?”  She told him she was going to do some work to which he replied “Ahhh…you’re a hard, hard worker!”  She laughed and introduced herself, allowing for Cooper to say the phrase “Mary is a very hard worker” repeatedly to anyone else who entered the room.

While the troops were being entertained by Cooper, my service advisor returned to tell me that I was at my 30,000 mile requirement and that they’d have to keep my jeep for the day (for a minimal $500!) and that he’d get me a free rental car.  Great.  Fine.  Whatever.

I tell him that I’ll need to move Cooper’s car seat and that I’ve never done it myself, so they need to bring me the rental car instead of a shuttle, so I don’t need to move it multiple times.  He assures me that’s how it’ll go down.  Now, we all know what comes next, right?

That’s right.  A 24 year old girl shows up with a shuttle to take us to the car rental place. 

After everyone in the waiting room said their good byes to my child, thanking him for making time fly, she and I began our fight with the stinkin’ car seat for about 20 minutes, all while trying to restrain Cooper from running in circles in the busy parking lot.  Which all got to be repeated 2 more times at the car rental building.  Good times.

While I crunched myself into the backseat of a Seabring convertible to figure out the car seat, Cooper consumed half of the candy jar in their office, and stole a stress ball off of someone’s desk, which he promptly whipped at my 24 year old helper.  And this was all before 11 a.m.

By the time D.Jones got home from work, I returned the rental car and then got shuttled over to get my Jeep back.  After all this hoopla, D.Jones agreed to take us all out for dinner to make things easy and timely.  Ha.

Cooper found another huge fan at the restaurant, in a 70-something man at a nearby table.  He began by just staring at us, which made me kind of uncomfortable eating my dinner.  Then he finally smiled and said “there’s just something about your boy’s look that I can’t get enough of.  He’s all boy, isn’t he?”  Doug and I smiled and said “yes, he definitely is.”  I told Doug that if we had a buck for every time someone has said that to us, we’d be rich. 

The guy continued to look over, periodically waving at my child who had decided that his plate of spaghetti was the enemy and was, in turn, whipping noodles around the table.  The man leans over and says “I love his spunk.”   Yeah?  Want him to sit at your table?  I wanted to say it, but I just smiled and said “yep…he’s definitely got that” to which he says “well, you don’t want him sitting in the corner playing a violin!”  Um. Yes.  Yes I do, at this very moment.  I really do.

The gentleman, by this time, had pointed Cooper out to his dining companions, who were all now turned around and carrying on a conversation with my child, who was pounding the table with his fist, demanding that he wanted his cookie, which we had taken for spaghetti-eating ransom. 

i finally put his jacket on to get him out of there (a new bomber jacket), which the fan o’ Cooper noticed right away and said “that’s a fine jacket you have there!”  Coops announced to all within ear shot, “Yep, it sure is…and I didn’t get it at Home Depot!” 

On the way home, he proceeded to finish off the evening in appropriate fashion by singing “Doo Doo Doot, Doo Doo Doot, Go Pack Go!”  Actually, not singing, as much as screaming the Packer rouser while pumping his fist in the air.  Doug, of course, immediately jumped in, and they were both being incredibly loud.  I chose to sit it out, and Coops noticed.  He says, to Doug’s amusement, “Hey Mommy?”  I say “Yes, Coops”  and he yells “GO PACK GO!”

Of course.  After all….he’s all boy, isn’t he?

Annual Family Freak Show

Yesterday was the day. The family gathering and pumpkin carving at my parent’s house. Each year features different “costumes” and some very elaborate pumpkin carving. (mine not included)

Here are our lovely host and hostess in their party finest…

Here’s the whole crew (minus me, taking the photo)

And just to be fair…our small family portrait.

There was one new member this year. Here she is eyeing up Cooper’s capri sun.

This year I pre-prepped my pumpkins, getting all the gunk out on Saturday nite so I could make D.Jones’ favorite pumpkin seeds for him. Which, by the way are all gone already! Holy fiber, Jones! It worked pretty well because that way, I could focus on my unbelievable carving skills..which, by the way, would be award-winning if I were to enter them in something. I know it’s awesome. Don’t be a hater.

Alright, truth be told, I am terrible at pumpkin carving, and there are a few too many artists in my family, so I usually don’t carve at all. I usually come up with some other art-form that would make Martha proud. I’ve been known to “sparkle” a pumpkin, among other things, but this year, I carved. I made a little sign for our front steps and a face for Cooper on his “Cooper-sized pumpkin” as he calls it.

Here’s my final result. I know, I know. Hold your applause.

And, on an unrelated topic. Have any of you seen my husband lately? I don’t know…maybe it’s just me, but I think he’s looking even finer than usual lately. See for yourself.

Another Installment of Search Engine Terms

Periodically I like to share with you all what interesting, funny, or strange things that folks have typed into their search engine, and have somehow, oddly, been directed to my little blog here.

Today’s list includes:

Bites Lake Nokomis (is it possible to bite a lake? What does this mean?)
Should I order a pizza it’ll be good (Hmm…no idea why that sent them to me, but if they are truly looking for my opinion, I’d say..go for it.)
Road Trippers (well, we do spend a lot of time in the car…maybe they really were looking for us)
Cabin of photo (these people have got to be more clear. What!? Are you looking for a photo of a cabin, or a cabin of photo? If the second, what the heck does that mean?)
Child tortured (Okay, I know that D.Jones and I probably aren’t the coolest parents around, nor are we always a ton of fun, but torture? C’mon..that’s a little harsh, don’t ya think?)
I’ve Gone and Done It (I just find this phrase amusing on so many levels. It leads me to want to incorporate it and/or similar phrasing into my daily language. Something like “now you’ve gone and done it!” at least once per day)
And finally, one of my all-time faves….
Sexy Kimonos (Now, I’d be willing to bet this person was not looking for the picture of Lola in her kimono that they were somehow led to. Something tells me they were after something different)


Tomorrow is our family pumpkin carving day and I woke up this morning realizing that we hadn’t even picked out our pumpkins yet!

D.Jones didn’t feel 100% this morning because his sinuses are bothering him, which is making him dizzy, so he decided to take a pass on the trip to the pumpkin patch.

It’s a literally perfect fall day here in Minneapolis, so Coops and I called up Grammie & Papa to see if they knew of a good pumpkin patch, and away we went. Oh, but Coops decided he needed to go as “Bob” today, so here’s his pumpkin patch ensemble:

Yeah, a kid running around in the woods in a bright yellow hard hat doesn’t command much attention, right?

We ended up bypassing all of the hugely popular apple farms and pumpkin farms for a “real” farm not too far from my parent’s house. It was the first time I’ve ever been to an actual pumpkin patch and not just one of those stands on the corner, or an apple/pumpkin farm complete with hot air balloon rides and wineries. It was awesome! It was quiet and beautiful, and, well, farm-ish.

Cooper got to ride on a multitude of tractors, which he promptly took a few headers off of, but was unfazed. He got lick-attacked by the farmer’s black lab, got to pet some newborn kittens, and ride in a wagon with our pumpkin selections.

We also passed some horses and a donkey on the way into the farm, but when Papa & Grammie pointed them out, all Coops was interested in was if they were “pooping in that grass?!” Nice.

Tonight we are going to pre-prep our pumpkins for the carving at my parent’s house, and bake up D.Jones’ favorite pumpkin seeds.

I know I mention it all the time, but is there anything better than a Minnesota autumn?