What’s up?!

So much has been going on lately that I feel the roller coast ride in to the holidays has already begun and next thing ya know, it’ll be 2010 and so much closer to meeting baby Jones!

-I am nearing the end of my semester at St. Mary’s, and although that means a little break for me, I am really sad that I have to take off a semester in the spring.  I will do my best to make up for it next summer session, which may or may not be crazy, but I love being in school and I also want to have those letters after my name as soon as possible.

-D.Jones and I had our first parent-teacher conference yesterday morning.  I thought it was Saturday morning, even though many people thought it was odd that I would have a conference on a Saturday.  When Saturday arrived, Doug’s dad was visiting for the weekend, so we took off to head to Starbucks (upon my demand) before the conference at 10 a.m.  It pushed us a little late, and we didn’t arrive at the school until about 10:05 with D.Jones yelling at me for making us late and making us look bad.  Then we noticed there were no cars in the parking lot.  We tried the doors by Cooper’s classroom and sure enough, locked.  We ran to the next set of doors. Locked.  But this one had a sign that said “go to door 2.”  We ran up the parking lot and around the building.  I thought I would die.  It’s not easy to run with extra baby weight, FYI…especially after you’ve been doing nothing but sitting on your ass for months.  Anyway, by the time we got to door #2, a janitor popped out and asked us what the heck we were doing.  Then he told us “No one is here, but me.”  Hmmm…  Very confusing.  We left a voicemail for the school and decided to head home.  The car had other ideas.  It started running really roughly, and felt like it would die at stoplights, though it never did.  We called the dealership and they requested we come in immediately.  Turns out it was a bad coil or something, which was easily fixed, but the morning was certainly not going as planned.  I was stressed out that Cooper’s teacher was waiting for us God-knows-where, and we were no-shows.  Plus, I couldn’t figure out how I would mess that up!  So not like me!  Anyway, we arrived home just in time to find Cooper screaming bloody murder and crying hysterically.  Turns out moments before I opened the front door, he had dropped a board game on the end of his toe.  Could the morning get more fun!?

The update is that the conference was actually on Tuesday at 10 a.m.  When Ms. MichaelAnne heard that we’d been there on Saturday, she looked at the sign up sheet she’d made and noticed that she had used last year’s template and only changed the date on the top of the page, not the bottom…which still read Nov 21.  I felt a little better, though clearly I’m the only backwards parent who signs up for something and then reads the bottom of the page to see what I just signed.  Regardless, the report was glowing and D.Jones and I left the “real” conference feeling pretty proud of our little guy.

-As you can see from our countdown, Baby Jones is on her way in less than 130 days.  She is moving up a storm, which I love and I had forgotten how much I enjoy this time of pregnancy.  Don’t get me wrong…there’s not much I love about pregnancy, but I do love feeling that babe moving around and getting stronger.  I am pretty excited for April 2 to arrive, which we’re thinking will be the date of my scheduled C-section.   I can’t wait to see her little face and see what she looks like.  I just want to hold her and I’m getting impatient.

-I began my Christmas decorating this past weekend.  Yes, I know…before Thanksgiving.  So sue me.  I like to enjoy the decor on our long weekend, so there.  Anyway, here are a few pics from the night. 

Here’s how Cooper “assists” in the decorating.  Apparently, Christmas decorating requires shades and a saw…

And D.Jones doing everyone’s favorite job…stringing the lights….

-Cooper Jones has been growing like a literal weed lately and has promptly already outgrown most of his school clothes, only 2 months in to the school year.  He is now one of the tallest kids in his class, and his feet are ridiculous!  He’s jumped 2 shoe sizes since the summer!  Today he stretched out on the couch with me while we were deciding what to make for breakfast.  He pulled his pj pant legs up a little bit and looked at his own legs as he declared “my legs are long and skinny.  Like a bird’s!”  He cracks me up, which reminds me….

-I can’t give updates without telling at least one funny thing that Cooper has said lately that cracked up both myself and D.Jones.  I have been watching the listings around us for bank owned properties and foreclosures because it’s possible to score some ridiculous housing deals right now, in this, one of the most spendy areas of the city.  As much as I’m pretty happy with our house, I do want more room, so I just keep an eye out.  D.Jones and I were checkout a 6 bedroom, 3 bath house yesterday and told Coops about it.  He said “6 bedrooms!?  Wow!  That would be awesome!  Then you and daddy wouldn’t have to share any more…we could each have our own!” 

Now I’m off to make my purchases for the veggie tray I am tasked with bringing to Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law’s tomorrow.  How I got off with bringing something so easy, I don’t know, but I’m not questioning it.  Hope you all enjoy your holiday as much as I’m sure we will…a huge Happy Thanksgiving from the Jones fam to you!




I had two doctor’s appointments on Friday.  One at the U of M maternal/fetal medicine center where D.Jones and I have opted to do genetic testing and all non-invasive tests on Baby Jones just to make sure all is well.  They have also taken over any ultrasounds that I will  have done during the duration of the pregnancy, as their equipment is the utmost in high-tech and the same is just not available at OB offices.

Friday’s ultrasound showed that all is well with Baby at the halfway point.  I can’t believe we’re halfway to meeting her.  And yeah, I said her.  The ultrasound also showed that Baby Jones is a she.  I am very excited!  The ultrasound tech is the same I’ve had a couple of times now, and knows we have a boy at home.  After she asked if I wanted to know the gender on Friday, and I said “of course I do!”, she was all of a sudden grinning at me from ear-to-ear.  I am sort of slow, so I say “what?”  She says “Can you see what I just typed up there?”  I squint up at the big ultrasound screen on the wall.  I say “Um, no.  I can’t see a thing!  I don’t have my glasses on.”  Then I notice she’s still grinning some bizarre Cheshire Cat kinda grin, so I say “Did you type what it is??  Oh my God!  Tell me already!!!”  She laughs and says “it’s a girl, honey”, to which I acted out of sorts for K.Jones and actually threw my hands over my head and let out a whoop that I’m sure they heard in the next ultrasound room.  I think I acted out enough that she was concerned for her reclining chair on which I sat, and she promptly told me to go to the bathroom to empty my bladder.  I did, and upon my return announced to Dr. Williams in the hallway “I am the happiest ultrasound patient you’ll have today.”  He looked at my quizzically and then laughed and said “all from emtying your bladder?”

The only down side of the whole day was that they noticed that I have what they are calling a “marginal” placenta previa.  Placenta previa is a dangerous condition for mom and baby if it’s a full previa, which mine, thankfully, is not.  Dr. Williams assured me that 9.9 times out of 10, a marginal previa will correct itself in the next few weeks, so they want to see me again in January to see what’s up.  If it’s corrected itself, then no issues.  If it hasn’t, then I’ll be required to have a C-section.  No biggie, since I was planning on it anyway.  Hearing the news was enough to get my worrying self to lose sleep Friday night, though, and spend much of my Saturday with a near migraine.  Tension headache, anyone?  I since have determined that I need to chill as everything is well with me and baby and well, truth is, there’s not much I can do about this situation except wait.  Worrying is going to do nothing except make me feel crappy and miserable over something I can’t help, and plus, like D.Jones keeps telling me “what better odds do you want?!”  So, I will be trying to relax until my next appointment.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing a ton of in-person and online shopping for the cutest girl things on earth!   A few examples of what are on my list so far…





Everything except the first item are all available on my friend Cristina’s website www.sassymonsters.com.  Check it out for more of the cutest baby clothes on earth…especially some of the best baby legs for little ones.  Seriously.  Things could get crazy.  I might have to go back to work.

Decisions, decisions

As my Friday doctor appointments approach, I realize that I only have about 4 more weeks from now before my doc is insistent that I’ve made my final decision…to C-section or not to C-section.

I intended to attend an informational meeting of the local chapter of ICAN (a group supportive of regular birth after C-section) this past Monday, but with so many other things being juggled right now, or course I didn’t remember about the meeting until Tuesday morning.  Ooops.

D.Jones hasn’t provided any feedback either way, stating that it’s ultimately my decision and either way, the intent is that we have a healthy baby and a healthy me.  True.  But also true to form is my inability to make a solid decision at all, and I am so torn.  I’ve begged my doctor to make the decision for me, but of course, she just laughs at me.

Basically what runs through my head is that I do not want the stressful situation of Cooper’s birth to occur again.  Long story short, a day and a half of not intense labor until they kicked the pitocin into high gear, which sent me begging for an epidural, and culminating in Cooper’s heart rate dropping so dramatically that alarms went off and nurses ran in to my room from seemingly all directions.  Terrifying.

My dream for this time around is that I get to “enjoy” the experience.  Okay, maybe enjoy is a bit strong when discussing childbirth options, but I wish to not be scared out of my mind, exhausted and then going into surgery.

I recently had a friend who gave birth and described it as exhilerating, telling me that even in the immediate moments following delivery she was thinking to herself “Man, this wasn’t bad!  I could do this again…”.   She swayed me a bit.  Then Doug’s niece had a baby a couple of weeks later, and also had a great experience.  More push toward attempting a delivery this time. 

Then, as always, I spent way too much time online the other night, reading about the benefits of having a planned C-section (many docs think a planned C-section is even safer than a “regular” delivery), and once again, here I am back at square one.

Anyone care to make the decision for me?  Okay, if not, I’m at least open to feedback~

Donuts with Daddy

Yesterday was the big day.  For over a week, each and every morning, Cooper has asked “is today the day Daddy comes to school with me?”  I have had to do a daily countdown for him, which I don’t think meant anything to him because the next morning, same thing.

Thursday was the day, and although I offered to drive them both over there and make sure they went through the routine and found everywhere they needed to be properly, D.Jones insisted he could do it all, so off my boys went. 

Turns out, Cooper’s teachers put on quite the Daddy day!  When they arrived, they got a few minutes of play time to chat with the other Dads and kids, and then the kids got little buckets of shaving cream and big tongue dispensers and got to shave their Daddy.  Doug thought it was hilarious because all of the dads were in business attire, some sporting some very, very expensive suits, which then had a bit of shaving cream on them, but no one seemed to mind.

Next, a fireman came to visit and put on all of his gear, including respirator, and the kids got to go check it out.  Doug said quite a few of the kids were not hip on getting near the guy with that respirator on, thinking it was a bit scary, but Cooper ran right up and high-fived him.  Then they all got to go outside and get on the firetruck.

Afterwards, it was donut time, and then the kids showed the dads pictures they had colored on Tuesday of themselves with their dads.  There was a little more play time and then the dads got to walk the kids to the gym to drop them off for the rest of their school day.  D.Jones got to witness Cooper putting the smack down to some boy who thought incorrectly that Coops might be willing to share a toy with him.  Doug tried to intervene, but said he must’ve seemed quite ineffective because the teacher was there within moments saying “no, no, no…we share.”  Funny.  D.Jones said he all of a sudden felt sort of inept, so he just stepped aside.  No matter how old you are, don’t mess with the teacher, right?

D.Jones also asked me the names of the 3 other boys that Cooper hangs out with all of the time.  As I ticked off their names, he nodded “yes” over and over again.  I then said “why do you ask?” and he said “I had them pegged right away.  They are all crazy!”  Seems the birds of a feather adage may just be true.

Anyway, Cooper was thrilled to have daddy there, and I think D.Jones had just as good of a time as Cooper.

What Not to Say to your Pregnant Wife

D.Jones arrives home from work yesterday.  He eyeballs my protruding stomach.

D:  Wow.  You are pregnant.

K:  Ya think?

D:  I mean really.

K:  Seriously?  I thought my hooded sweatshirt kinda camouflaged it.

D:  Yeah, sort of.  Kind of like, if I didn’t know you I’d think you really liked your Old Style.