“Scary” Email Exchange

Me:  “Doug, do you realize that you’re soon going to be the Daddy to a little girl?  That means learning how to put her hair up in cute little pigtails, playing with her dollies, comforting her in times of girly drama, and someday, dealing with dates who come to our house to take her out.  How do you feel about that?”

D.Jones:  “Petrified.”


Random Thoughts with K.Jones

~Our neighbors have a neon “countdown to Christmas” sign in their front window.  I hate it…not because it’s garish and ridiculous, but because every day I see those days ticking past and wonder if I’ll really get everything done that needs to be done by the big day.  Do you suppose if I end up needing therapy for the anxiety they are causing that I can send them the bill?

~Last night in my psychopathology class we learned some very specific tools for reading in to the meaning behind what people are saying, and also for getting additional info out of them without actually asking for it.  Then we had to practice on random folks that we’ve not met before.  I realized after the exercises that I’m actually pretty good at it and came home excited to tell D.Jones about it.  When I finished telling him about my night he said “Well, I could have told you that you’d be good at it.  I’m surprised you didn’t make anyone cry though.”  Huh.  I’m still trying to decide if that was a compliment or not.

~Yesterday Cooper asked me why I named him Cooper.  I said “Because I love that name…it’s awesome!  Do you like it?”  His response was “Um.  No.  Not really.”  I thought about the appropriate response for a few minutes and decided on this:  “Well, Daddy helped pick it out too.”  If nothing else really comes to mind, I’ve figured out that it’s pretty easy to just blame Doug.

~I ventured out in the first snowstorm on Tuesday night to meet some of the ladies of the family for dinner and a movie.  It took me an hour and a half to drive what is usually a 20 minute trip.  I spent most of the time with this view:

I ended up turning on the Christmas carols and trying to enjoy my wait.  What I ended up thinking about was how much cooler it was to be able to sit on 50th street looking in to the small shop windows and watching people scurrying around in the snow, than it would be to be stopped in front of a mall.  I love little boutiques and shops.  So much better than strip mall nonsense.

And then I was stopped in front of this sign for a while and all I could think of was “only in Minneapolis”, right?

I have experienced lutefisk.  On a few Christmas Eves or right around the holidays, my dad, my uncle and my grandma would cook some up.  You could smell it all the way down the hall of her apartment building and it wasn’t a pleasant holiday smell.  I’m thinking I should suggest to the Pearsons or whoever really owns this restaurant that they not advertise that they are cooking up some vile stuff.  It might be bad for business.

~I’ve been thinking a lot about Baby Jones’s arrival in a few short months.  Once the New Year rolls around, I just know the time is going to fly and she’ll be here before we know it.  I try to talk to Cooper about it, too, and what it means to be a big brother.  So far, we haven’t made much progress and he continues to announce that she’s not allowed to touch his toys, go in his room, or even play by any of his stuff in the backyard.  She is, however, allowed to sit on the furniture.  Such a generous and kind big brother he already is!

~This morning when I came out to the living room I found the following scene under our tree:

Seems Cooper has his own version of the story of the Three Wise Men, but his involves rednecks in pickups.

And a quick note of gratitude~

As the holidays quickly approach, I look forward to all that is to come.  Time with family, baking cookies, seeing Coops unwrap his presents, sitting by fires, and all of the hopes and excitement of the new year.  I am already imagining this time next year when we will have two kids to sit by the tree with us, and to share the holidays with…  It’s all good stuff, and with it comes a true appreciation of all that we are blessed with…not to mention all of our wonderful family and friends who share this journey with us. 

Thank you for continuing to read what we’re up to, to offer support, encouragement, and laughter.  Our hope is that you, too, are feeling blessed this holiday season and we wish you all the best in 2010~