Meditating Mama – Part II

I have been regularly using the mala that was selected for me a couple of weeks ago.  The other day, Cooper found the bag on my nightstand and couldn’t resist peeking inside.   He came out of my bedroom with the beads in his hand asking “Mommy, what are these?”

I explained to him that they are a sort of prayer bead and that you hold one and say a prayer about anything you like.  I reminded him that perhaps he’d learned some prayers at Sunday school or at his regular school that he might remember and that he can say his without beads, but that the beads are to help me remember mine.  He seemed so interested.

Then I remembered that quite a few years ago my mom and I had made our own prayer beads at a gathering at her church.  They are made out of wood and feel so smooth and cool to the touch.  I went and got them and, holding them behind my back said “Coops, guess what I have that you might be interested in.”  His eyes got big and he said “What, mommy, what??”

I held them out and told him that he could have his own prayer beads if he’d like them, but that he had to keep them in a safe place and take care of them because they are very important beads.  He nodded in agreement, clearly taking this whole conversation very much to heart.

He ran off to his room, beads in hand, telling me that he was going to put them in a very special place.

A couple of hours later, I was laying on my bed chatting with Sophie and trying to soothe her, when Coops appeared in my bedroom doorway.  I glanced over and said “what’s up?”  He looked so excited that he was about to turn inside out as he tried to maintain his composure and look as solemn as he thought the occasion required.  He looked so proud as, from behind his back he pulled the beads I had given him and holding one bead very carefully between his thumb and pointer fingers he said “I thought of the perfect prayer, Mommy.  Want to hear it?”  I said of course I did, as, still holding the singular bead he said “I love my mommy.  Do you like that prayer, Mommy?  And when Daddy comes home from work, I’m going to say the same kind of prayer for him.” 


Do what?

One of the daily frustrations simple joys of being the mom of a 4 year old:

Me:  Cooper!  Did you put the camera cord in your mouth?  It’s all wet!

Cooper:  Yep.  I did.

Me:  You have got to remember not to put things in your mouth, okay?  I am tired of telling you this all the time.  Can you try to remember?

Cooper:  Why?

Me:   Because it’s not good.  It can ruin the cord and you are constantly getting germs in your mouth.  You’ll get sick.  Please try to remember, Coops, okay?  Can you try to remember?

*long pause*

Cooper:  To do what?