No Way!

Saturday is the 6 month mark for little Miss Jones already.  SIX months!?  I can hardly believe it, yet there she is, growing like a weed before my very eyes and reminding me to cherish every tiny moment that I share with her.  Yesterday she fell asleep stretched out next to me on the couch.  She clutched 2 of my fingers in her little fists as she slept and not wanting to disturb her, I spent the next 40 minutes memorizing every eyelash, fingernail, and crease on those chubby little wrists.

She is such a sweet, precious little girl that I find myself cheering on her milestones (like now reaching up for me when she wants to be held), and yet cursing them for happening so quickly.  Already long gone is the tiny newborn I was cradling just a few short months ago, and having entered the picture is a little girl who can’t wait to get those hands and feet coordinated enough to propel herself across the floor.  This girl wants to be on the move, and in no time I am going to be kept even busier than I already am.  Until then, I am doing some of the things that parents are warned not to do, and I’m loving every minute of it…like letting her sleep in my bed, rocking her to sleep, and holding her as often as I can, knowing that these times are so, so fleeting.  If the past 6 months are any indicator, the next 6 will be but a blink of the eye. 

Happy Half-Year Birthday sweetest Sophie.  You make your mommy, daddy and big brother incredibly happy~


Looking in the Mirror

Last year when I would drop off and pick up Cooper from school it always seemed to me that everyone else, not including the nannies, knew each other.  Everyone but me, that is.  I would usually stand quietly in the hallway waiting for Cooper to be released from his classroom, while seemingly everyone around me chatted away, or waved their parade princess waves to each other in the parking lot, sing-songing their “good mornings” all around me, while I maybe uttered a few words to other familiar faces here and there.

Over glasses of wine at my neighborhood wine bar with my high school girlfriends this summer, I confided in them that I was feeling frustrated that I didn’t make a single connection there.   At one point I said “maybe they are just all really snobby.  I mean, it is Edina.”  To which Betty responded in loving fashion “Well, you’re kinda snobby too…you should fit right in.”  It takes a friend you’ve know for some 25 years to offer that kind of honesty, right?

This school year feels a little different.  I feel like I know more people.   I am the one who waves to others as they exit their vehicles in the lots and haul kids out of SUVs.  I am one of the ones who has hushed discussions in the hallways about the teachers, about which mom got a Brazilian blowout, and who is actually going to volunteer to ride the bus to the apple orchard this year.

It occurred to me that I didn’t really change.  Neither did they.  Nothing really needed to.  I think it’s as simple as the fact that now I’m a familiar face to them, as they are to me. 

It’s hard to realize that sometimes it simply takes patience.  There’s no Dr. Phil moment where I “left my comfort zone” or invited all of these ladies over to lunch, or whatever.  It just happened….and I’m glad.


In unrelated news…why am I so overtired right now that when Cooper exclaimed from the backseat on the way to school today “this isn’t the way to my school”, that I actually looked around, had to think about it, and then decided yes…yes it was actually the right way.  But for a moment, I was definitely concerned.

Sunday Sunshine

A few different folks have asked me if I am planning on keeping up my blog.  I have intended to blog “regularly”, but like some other aspects of my life right now, things get pushed aside for the necessary…like keeping the house liveable, feeding my children, etc.

Today was Rally Sunday at church, which really just means that it is the first day of the church year, including the first day of Sunday school.

For me, I’m taking it as the day to renew my commitment to my blog, to cooking more dinners for my fam (which most people don’t know that I truly love to do and normally do regularly except that my kitchen has been torn up for a couple of months now), my commitment to my workout regimen, and to myself in general…as in, taking the time I require to do things like attend my yoga classes and plan some minimal time away from the family during the week where I can focus on things other than diaper changes, snacks, and laundry.  We all need it and it’s not cliche to say that it makes us better as partners/parents/friends, whatever, to take the time…so I will.

In other news…Miss Sophie has shown herself to be a little Daddy’s girl by having her first words be “Dadadadadada” and not the “Mamamamama” that I’ve been working on with her for weeks.  D.Jones is too excited for words, and she shows off her new skills pretty frequently now.  She also has 2 teeth making their appearance, as they just poked through her gums this weekend, and though they are driving her crazy, that at least signals the end to the first round of teething is near.  Poor girl has suffered for weeks with this…though she always maintains her sweet disposition, even while scanning desperately for something within arm’s reach to shove into her mouth and alieve her discomfort.   She truly has the sweetest little personality ever…I hope it remains.   Through adolescence.  Sophie…you hear that?

Speaking of sunny dispositions and adolescence, last night at bedtime Cooper was trying to verbalize to us how much he loves us.  Over a year ago at bedtime, he had asked me something about how much I think an elephant weighs.  I replied “Oh, like a ton!”   He had asked “Is that a real lot?”  I said that it was.  A few minutes later, as I was tucking him in for the night he put his hands on my face and said in his most serious 3-year old voice “Mommy…I love you like a ton.”  My heart swelled and I blinked back tears, and it has now become our regular bedtime parting words, as I tell him each and every night that I love him “like a  ton.”

Last night he decided he needed to switch things up, though, and began with “Mommy and Daddy, I love you both like a ton”, but then added “I love you to the moon and back and back and back”, and then “I love you more than I can tell you!”  As he thought of more and bigger ways, I thought about how lucky we truly are…. 

I was reminded of it again when, today after church, and then after brunch, Sophie and I found a sunny spot on a bench outside of the Wild Rumpus bookstore, where Cooper and D.Jones were enjoying an aurthor/illustrator story time.  I sat in silence (except for Sophie practicing her dadadadada) enjoying the sunshine and the sound of kids running past to get to the bookstore and thought “this is the life…”.

So, here’s to new beginnings.  I raise my coffee cup to the fall weather, to friends and family interested enough to even bother to ask when I’m going to write in my blog again, to kids who “love us like a ton”, and to sunny Sundays…in the words of my mom at her silliest “Skal Per Fisken!”  I have no idea what that means…