Conversations with Cooper

In car:

Cooper:  What is that one word that means to be in disguise?

Me:  Um, disguised?

Cooper:  No, a cooler one.

Me:…oh, incognito?

Cooper:  Yeah!  That’s it!  Is that Chinese?

Me:  No.  It’s English.

Cooper:  So it’s Spanish?

Me:  No.  I just told you that it’s English.

Cooper:  Can’t be.


In car, Part II:

In response to Sophie having a lengthy and crazy meltdown in the backseat, I tried to think of a song to sing to soothe her, which almost always works.  For some reason, the first song to come to mind was Home on the Range, so I start  belting it out.

Cooper:  What is that all about?!

Me:  It’s a cool song.  It’s a song cowboys sing.

Cooper:  Why?

Me:  Because it gives them something to sing while they ride around on their horses.  It’s just what they do.  Cool, huh?

Cooper:  But we don’t have a horse.

Me:   I know.

Cooper:  But horses are cute.

Me:  Yeah, they are kinda cute.

Cooper:  But Zhu Zhu pets are cuter.