Gonna Get a Job?

I have a well-known addiction to Starbucks.  I have frequently told myself over the years that I need to quit my just-shy-of $5/day habit, but to no avail.  One benefit of my problem is the morning drive I make, past two regular Starbucks, mind you, to get to a drive-thru.  As ridiculous as it sounds, I do it.  Everyday.  It also affords me some relaxed morning time in a confined space to talk to my kids.  We have all sorts of conversations, mostly, because Cooper is the only verbal child so far, about cars and trucks and fire departments and the other things we pass that are of interest to him, like construction.

This morning I was reminded of how brilliant my boy is in his wonderful kindergarten-age perspective.

Today, out of the blue, he asks me “Mommy, do you think you will get another job?”  It was followed by “If you want another job, maybe you could think about being a dump truck driver.” 

I told him that I didn’t think I’d make a great dump truck driver because I don’t like to drive so much, but that I am in school learning how to do a job that I want to do someday soon.  He, of course, asked what it was.

I told him that I’m going to school to be a therapist and he asked what I’ll do.  I told him that a therapist helps people feel better when they are sad and that they help people when they are in a fight and need someone to help them sort things out.

He was quiet in the backseat for a minute and then said “You know that I want to be an officer, right mommy?”  I said that I did know that and that I think it’s a great choice.  He wasn’t done with his thought, though and continued with this; “well, what I am saying is that an officer is a lot like a therapist…just like you.  I will get to help people all the time.”  Brilliant, my boy!  I’m always so proud of his ability to make comparisons that aren’t clear….he often surprises me with his ability to do so at the age of 5.  I love his 5 year old thought process just as much, though, and couldn’t help but smile for blocks after he added “of course, it’s better to be an officer than a therapist because I’ll get to drive a squad car all over town and shoot pistols.”